Environmental Protection

Lee Kum Kee places much emphasis on preserving the environment. We implement energy and water conservation, waste reduction, recycling measures and green office management in our production plants worldwide. Most of the plants have successfully implemented various management systems in relation to environmental protection, such as ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and HACCP. Environmental committees have been established in plants to implement environmental conservation programmes.

    • Energy Conservation Measure
    • Since 2013, all diesel fuel steam generators have been suspended in our largest factory in Xinhui, China, and replaced by renewable fuel for steam generators. Solar energy panels have been installed in Xinhui plant and Hong Kong Tai Po plant to provide energy for water heating effectively. All factories and warehouses are installed with large windows to utilise natural sunlight and reduce energy use of lighting. All hot water pipes and steam pipes are insulated to minimise heat loss.

      In 2014, Lee Kum Kee has become the first condiment enterprise in China to invest in photovoltaic power generation project, installing it on the rooftops of four warehouses totalling approximately 47,000 square metres in the Xinhui production base. The semi-conductor boards convert light energy directly into electricity, thereby reduce coal combustion and thus the emission of carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide, contributing to the conservation of resources and the environment

      In 2015, as a large scale renewable energy system, Geothermal Heat Pump, began operation in Xinhui plant, Lee Kum Kee prides itself as the first enterprise in the world to adopt geothermal energy in soy sauce production. With underground pipe network over 218,000 meters long over an area of 113,500 square metres, the system utilises geothermal energy from the ground to accommodate heating and cooling processes of soy sauce production, with an estimated annual saving of 6,000 MWh energy usage and 21,115 tonnes of water consumption in heating, ventilation and air conditioning.


      All plants utilise natural sunlight and reduce unnecessary energy usage. Xinhui plant has utilised the Biomass completely in production.

      Sealed water pipe network pumps water underground for heat absorption or emission to save water consumption in heating, ventilation and air conditioning.


      • Water Conservation Measure
      • All factories are equipped with heat exchangers so that cooling water can be recycled. Around 10% water loss is thus eliminated, helping to conserve energy in heating and cooling. Over 20% of daily sewage in Xinhui Plant is filtered and re-used for cleaning floors and watering plants. In 2013, approximately 700m3 filtered sewage was re-used daily.

        •   Waste water filtration system in Xinhui Plant.

        •   Heat exchangers are installed to recycle cooling water.

        •   The filtered sewage waiting for discharge is in good quality and complies with legal requirement.


      • Wastage Management and Recycling Measure
      • Lee Kum Kee invests over HK$ 10 million each year to enhance its sewage system. Our standards on sewage treatment and chemical oxygen demand (COD) in all plants surpass local regulations. Solid sewage is classified as recycled and non-recycled. The filtered soil-based solid sewage will be pressed and is fit for planting. Chemical wastage will be separately stored and processed by certified organizations.

        •   Solid sewage will be filtered and pressed for recycle.

        •   Wooden pallets are in good maintenance for reuse.

        •   Chemical waste are stored in classified storage compartments for collection.


      • Green Office Management
      • Lee Kum Kee practises green management in its production plants and offices worldwide so as to save paper and energy use, promote recycling and green procurement. For example, energy-saving equipment and lighting systems are installed, and duplex printing is set as the default mode for most network printers. The office temperature is strictly controlled at 25.5ᵒC in the summer.