Charlie Lee
Sauce Group Chairman

Lee Kum Kee Management Trainee Program is part of our Global Talent Development plan, which aims to nurture young talents to become our future leaders. We are looking for university graduates with high potentials to help us expand the Sauce Group business worldwide, as well as promote Chinese cuisines to every corner of the world.

“Find the Taste, Seize the Future.” Adopting “Si Li Ji Ren” (Considering Others’ Interests) as our management principle, we are dedicated to plan the future with our management trainees. Throughout the 12-month Management Trainee Program, functional development plan including functional attachments, personal effectiveness development programs, corporate event involvement, on-the-job coaching and mentoring, are tailor-made to lay a solid foundation for the trainees’ future career development, with a focus on their individual professions.

I believe Lee Kum Kee Management Trainee Program is your wise choice. I look forward to having you in our team!