• Cabbage Rolls in Soup

Cabbage Rolls in Soup

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How to make it

Boil a pot of hot water, cut the bottom of cabbage (Around 1/6 of cabbage) and put it into the pot. Bring to boil until cabbage leaves soften, tear off the softened cabbage leaves one by one with a clip.
Rinse the cabbage leaves with cold water, trim the shape of the cabbage leaves and cut off the extratough inner corewith scissor.
Pat dry the cabbage leaves with kitchen paper, set aside.
Mix all the ingredients (except cabbage) and add the seasonings. Separate into 12 portions after mixing well.
Place 1 portion of mixed ingredients in the center of a cabbage leaf, fold in both sides and roll from the center, poke a toothpick through the roll to keep together. Repeat the above steps until all cabbage rolls are stuffed.

Heat up 700ml water in the pan and add all the remaining broth ingredients.
Place the stuffed cabbage rolls into the broth and simmer for 8-10 minutes until cooked.


Cabbage rolls should be cooked with seal position down. This helps to keep the shape of the cabbage roll while cooking.