• Shaoxing Huadiao Wine
Shaoxing Huadiao Wine


Shaoxing Huadiao Wine


Shaoxing Huadiao Wine

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Lee Kum Kee Shaoxing Huadiao Wine is brewed by experienced winemakers, made from white glutinous rice, quality wheat and Shaoxing Jianhu Lake water. It is naturally fermented in traditional wine casks, which makes the wine with rich and delicate aroma in clear amber colour.
With traditional winter brewing method and 3 year aging , it is more valuable. Suitable for direct consumption and all kinds of cooking.
• Traditional winter brewing
• Use Shaoxing Jianhu Lake water for fermentation
• 3 Year Aged


Glutinous Rice, Water, Wheat, Colour (Caramel I-Plain). Contains Wheat.



Pack Sizes:

640ml, Bottle

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