• Hakka Sesame Oil Chicken

Hakka Sesame Oil Chicken

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What You Will Need

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How to make it

Add sesame oil and ginger slices over low medium heat, and stir fry ginger slices until golden.
Add chicken pieces, pan fry them until fragrant and the surface is cooked.
Turn down the heat and pour rice wine to the pot.

Turn up the heat and bring it to boil.Turn down the heat and stew for 25min. Add goji berries and salt, mix well and serve.



Braising the chicken in wine only can enhance the aroma of the sesame oil chicken.

Stir fry the ginger slices with cold sesame oil, becausesesame oil is not resistant to high temperatureStir frying inhotwokwill bring out a bitter taste.

Add goji berriesbefore serving toavoid the nutrientlosscaused by prolonged heating athigh temperature.