• Salted Egg Yolk Abalone

Salted Egg Yolk Abalone

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    How to make it

    Take out the salted egg yolk and rinse with water. Steam the salted egg yolk for 10 minutes and mash it, then set aside.
    Pat dry the abalone with kitchen towel and then dredge the abalone in corn starch.
    Dredge 10 pcs of basil in corn starch.
    Heat oil in medium heat, fry the abalone and basil until golden brown.
    Melt the buffer over low heat, then add in salted egg yolk and stir-fry until it begins to bubble.
    Add abalone and remaining 5 pcs of basil to the salted egg yolk. Toss the abalone and basil until well-coated by salted egg yolk. Sprinkle with the 10pcs of fried basil.