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Tofu burger with sliced baguette

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How to make it

Using kitchen paper to removed excess water from the tofu by pressing on it gently, chop carrots and pumpkin into small cubes, set aside.
Mix the minced pork, tofu, eggs, carrots together and marinade for 20 minutes.
Divide the marinated ingredients into 4 portions and using your hand to mould each of them into a flat round shape patty.
place a little oil onto a non-stick pan and fry both sides of the patties with medium heat until golden. Turn to a low heat, place the lid and simmer for approx. 4 minutes.
Steamed pumpkin cubes using a separate pan, cook until softens and set aside.
Tofu burger can now be ready to serve with Lee Kum Kee Salt reduced oyster sauce as dipping along with baguette slices and diced pumpkin as side dishes.