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Drumstick Rice Bake - Rice Cooker Version

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How to make it

Marinate chicken drumsticks for 30 minutes.
Place cleaned rice into rice cooker, add water, seasoning and sweet potatoes in.
When rice is almost cooked to fluff, place drumstick on top of the rice, taking care to not stack the meat to heat well, then replace the lid to let it all simmer until thoroughly cooked. Sprinkle on green onion to serve.
Tips:Sear the inside of the drumstick with a knife before marinating will help the meat to take in richness of the flavour from the oyster sauce.
Dietician’s Advice:Rich in carbohydrate, this dish can be fine-tuned for those whom are watchful of their sugar intake by replacing part of the rice with variety of mushrooms or white onions or other vegetables. Try pair it with soup and a vegetarian side dish for a complete and satisfying meal.