• Sizzling Celtuce and Sliced Pork Stew

Sizzling Celtuce and Sliced Pork Stew

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What You Will Need

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How to make it

Peel the celtuce, cut into slices and set aside.
Soak the dried shrimps in hot water for about 5 min until soft. Marinate the pork for 5 min.
Heat the wok with oil, add pork and pan-fry over medium heat until golden. Set aside.
Heat the wok with oil again. 
Stir-fry the minced garlic and dried shrimps over medium heat until fragrant.
Add celtuce slices and carrot slices and stir-fry for about 1 min.
Add a small amount of water throughout cooking.
Add sliced pork and seasonings. Stir-fry well over high heat and serve.
When preparing the celtuce, 
you can peel more skin off until white strands are removed.
Tougher parts of the stems can also be cut off.