• Zucchini Carbonara

Zucchini Carbonara

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How to make it

Making Zoodles:
Cut the zucchinis with a spiralizer. Boil zoodles in hot water for 5 seconds and cool zoodles down in ice water. Drain and set aside.
Making the Carbonara Sauce: 
Heat up the frying pan and add in 1.5tbsp of Pure Ground Fragrant Sesame Oil. Fry the onions.
Add in 1.5tbsp of No Hormones Concentrated Chicken Broth and black pepper; stir. 
Turn off the stove and add in milk, egg yolk, and shredded cheese in this exact order. 
Stir until sauce thickened.
Add the zoodles into the pan of Carbonara Sauce and mix well (Make sure the zoodles are completely dry). Sprinkle the shredded cheese over the zoodles. Garnish with Parma Ham and enjoy!