• Yam and Mushroom Rice with Sesame Oil

Japanese style omelette with meat floss and seaweed

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What You Will Need

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Lee Kum Kee products

How to make it

Mix all the ingredients apart from the meat floss and seaweed. Sieve twice.
In a rectangular pan over medium-lowheat, heat oil. Wipe the excessive oil with paper towel. Keep the paper.
Pour in the egg mixture. When the egg sheet is formed, add meat floss. Roll it up and keep it on the side of the pan.
Apply oil to the pan with the paper towel. Pour in the egg mixture. Add seaweed and then roll it up again. Repeat until using up all the egg mixture and seaweed.
Roll theomelette with sushi bamboo mat or cling film. Shape the egg into rectangular form. Cut and serve immediately.


Milk can be replaced with water or other milk such as almond or soy milk.